Cinema Line Can Re

Cinema Line Can Re

Perhaps the producers can defy a cinema, but one must not dare to defy the cinema has dozens of movie theaters. This is the channel the power of integration. Cinemas integrated results would inevitably produce in order to fund as a link to the unified brand and unified row of tablets, unified operation, unified management of large theater-based combination

  Cinema only set up its own link to the theater assets in order to ensure the steady development of power should not be reduced to theaters

The early pattern of big-league restructuring

2005, the Chinese cinema line 3 years old. 3 years, although only a time scale, but China’s cinema market-oriented road line is, there is a kind of symbolic significance can not be replaced.

The first line of all groping in the running in the Pathfinder. Chinese cinema since the advent of that day, there is no ready-made system and the system can copy.

Let us cast our minds back over.

2002 6 1st, SARFT, the Ministry of Culture jointly issued “on the reform of film distribution and projection of the implementation details” and change the past, from the central to provincial, provincial city, to operate the county’s 4 issue mode, push forward reform cinema lines, break the administrative level and geographical boundaries, the more City to implement inter-provincial marketing. This is the film industry from planned economy to market economy, an important symbol. Subsequently, the cinema has embarked on a fast track. Up to now, has been the development of 38 theaters, controls 90% of the box office. Perhaps the producers can

contempt a cinema, but dare not defy a cinema has dozens of cinemas. This is the channel the power of integration. Cinemas integrated results would inevitably produce in order to fund as a link to the unified brand and unified row of tablets, unified operation, unified management of large theater-based combination. In this case, no combination with the large chains of small cinemas will obviously increase the operating pressure. When the strength of big-league reduced to two smaller theaters, they can not win the latest copy of a large, theater of their respective natural flow of other large chains. Reduced operating status will lead to the disintegration of the internal theaters.

Happy Valley enclosure can not be abandoned 3 years cinema

integration process, there is a significant feature to the brand as a cohesive elite theaters, studios around the province is to continue to move closer to some of the large theaters, giving rise to larger theaters Group. According to general manager of the new film together

high military analysis: the current movie theater-system reform in China is towards regional development. In fact, the future of cinema, will form a new pattern of regional-based battlefield, the final formation of north, northeast, east, southeast Sichuan Basin, several regional theaters.

New Film Alliance cinema company in Beijing as the market base has more than 50 cinemas in Beijing, holds the box office in Beijing for more than 80% market share. In addition, Shanxi, there are 14 to join in the new movie theater joint ownership of the unit. Soon there will be Shandong, Hebei theater being added. At present, the new film is being imported wine in conjunction with the three northeast provinces about 45 million in box office cinema coalition Northern Fleet. The person said, then, the new film may be associated with Beijing as the center, radiating to the north and northeast of the North’s largest theaters, the box office may account for the proportion of the national box office about 20% of the total.

Shanghai Alliance and the cinema company will be based in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and even larger area coverage. The company is now more than 30 cinema circuits in the country the largest cinema companies. Cinema from Shanghai Alliance join the theater company’s distribution, the present mainly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang coastal provinces along the outward expansion, such as Shanghai, the Shanghai Studios, environment art cinema, Yonghua Film City, Kodak film in the world, Cathay Cinema, Man Yue International Studios, Caoyang Studios, etc.; the field to join Shanghai Alliance theaters, 30 cinemas, such as Nanjing, Shanghai Film Studios Warner, Wuxi Big World Cinema Paradise Film City, Nantong more popular theaters, Changshu Beijing attractions such as the door. Theater in these provinces, the farthest the movie World, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Hualian Commercial Building, opened in the north is near Shenyang City, New Mart Paradise movie. The end of 2004, Shanghai Alliance Cinemas movie theater, including franchisees box office revenue has exceeded 200 million yuan, became the first breakthrough in 200 million yuan in the cinema box office line. Shanghai Alliance and cinema, according to Xu Xiaoping, general manager, Shanghai Alliance and the cinema in the first built, was signed in June 2002 the pilot contract, when signed three month trial period, in October before the official signing contract. Xu Xiaoping predicted this red-hot in the cinemas this summer merger battle, Shanghai Alliance cinema is relatively stable.

Chengdu, Sichuan will be the Pacific theaters as a base for regional development has been the three provinces.

Guangdong Southern theaters will be based in Guangdong to Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian and other areas expand.

Gao Jun, general manager of the view that the current big-league system for the operation of the Chinese situation, long-term operation, there are still some problems. For example, the base for the market in Beijing New Film Alliance opened a theater in Yunnan, copy supplies, and management seems beyond the reach of. So the new movie together, or focus on regional cinema operators.

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Makita Mac700 Compressor

Makita Mac700 Compressor
MAC700 operates colder and at one half the actual RPM on most reasonably competitive equipment, resulting in more significant engine and also pour lifespan minimizing noise.

Makita MAC700 Benefits :

* Functionality – Decreased noises, reduced Rev bring in higher results
* Longevity – Runs for a reduced Revolutions per minute (1,720) causing higher motor as well as air pump life
* RELIABILITY – Minimal AMP pull decreases circumstances associated with tripped breakers
* Ease – Motor oil drain in addition to gasoline vision window handily placed for quick entry coupled with upkeep
* INCLUDES – Petroleum as well as 1/4? common quick coupler

Characteristics add a practical gas drain and engine oil sight glass, your tank drain valve which supersedes common petcock type pertaining to simpler servicing, in addition to finned discharge hoses in which dissipates heat much more adequately. And the second ability which won everyone over is truly the easy-on-the-hand lever handle sphere device which saves ones own knuckles whenever you empty the tank. Its even got an exceptionally rapid cycle, consequently through the point ?you take? a glass of water, youre ready to operate once again. Its manufactured as a champ, accompanied by a roll-bar handgrip that will safeguards the purchase, a good cast-iron tube with regard to longevity and a good motor oil sight glass that makes upkeep a breeze.

Resourceful Pattern for a Choice of Uses

The Makita MAC700 Compressor happens to be built for low noise, significant yield and also reduced routine service, and can provide industrial power as well as effects with enhanced toughness exposed to hard work site conditions. This Makita MAC700 is just yet another example of Makitas resolve for cutting edge technique together with best-in-class technological innovation. Every last Makita Big Bore Air Compressors are oil lubricated and also supplied with huge automobile model filters to get increased fresh air absorption and therefore improved effectivity.

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Iphone Case Design

by dnak

Iphone Case Design
For all those who possess an iPhone, a protective cover for their valued possession is equally important to protect it from any kind of damage. Without a protective covering, your iPhone will be more vulnerable to damages. No matter how careful you are, you might drop it and it may end up scratched or chipped. So, it becomes mandatory to keep it in an iPhone Case. You can get the iPhone cases from various retailers, or online vendors. With a multitude of options available in iPhone case designs, you can choose from a variety of colours and designs of iPhone cases available.

When you are looking for iPhone case designs, keep the following tips in mind so to help you choose the best iPhone 4 case that fits your needs:

1. Where will you keep the iPhone: The most important thing to take care of while selecting an iPhone design is where you will keep your iPhone. While some people slip them into their bags, others put them into their pockets. So, if you use your pockets to keep the iPhone, go for the iPhone case designs that are sleek and thin as you would not like to have a bulge in your pocket every time your phone is there.

2. Make: Another major aspect while choosing an iPhone case design is to check the way it has been designed. There can be several criteria such as it should be able to protect your phone in case of a fall and also not fall off the iPhone during the fall. Most importantly the case should have holes in all the places where your iPhone has ports and buttons.

3. Material: Think about the material that the case is made of. While rubber or silicon iPhone cases can look great and are really slim, getting them in or out of your pocket can be difficult. Sometimes they tend to stick and you will fumble around a lot. Hence, it is advisable to go for leather that is well cured and less sticky. If you are choosing plastic covers, make sure to choose a strong one.

4. Go with your style: This is also an important factor to decide. If you are all sleek, choose the sleek and chic and if you are all macho, you can chose from other cases that go well with your personality.

There are many companies such as Detekt Design that are into iPhone 4G Case Design and offer iPhone Case Designs that not only look good but also match every style. But make sure, whatever case you choose, make sure it compliments your style and reinforces who you are.

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New Features In Ios 4.2

New Features In Ios 4.2
Multitasking: Finally!
Multitasking is probably the most important feature introduced by iOS 4.2. iPad users can finally enjoy a feature that is already become a standard in any smart portable devices since years ago. Multitasking was also introduced last June on the iPhone. It may significantly improve productivity and usability of the tablet. A few key iPad applications already support multitasking, it will take a few more weeks or months for most applications to support this functionality.
A new bar

Another important addition is the arrival of a menu bar accessible by double clicking the home button. You can now adjust the volume and screen brightness easily. The side button, previously used for locking the screen orientation is now used to mute the sound.
Improved folder and icons management

It may not a big thing, but users may find that it is a convenient improvement. It is now possible to combine several icons in a single folder. You no longer need to scroll the screen to access all your applications.
Unified inbox

Another important improvement, it is essentially the centralization of incoming e-mails from different accounts into a single location. No need to open your accounts one by one to read new messages. Again, a little new thing to improve your efficiency.

No major changes for Safari web browser. However, you can now perform a search inside a page. Its easy; just type the word you want in the search field at top right corner.
Game Center

A feature that also appeared last June on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Game Center is now available on the iPad. As its name suggests, it is dedicated to games. It supports multiplayer sessions or scores sharing.

It is the ability to print directly from the iPad, at the moment, only HP printers are compatible with this wireless printing functionality. For most users, they need to wait before they can print from their iPad/iPhone. Eventually, Apple will bring this technology on other major printer brands on the market.

AirPlay is an excellent way to share and stream audio or video content from an iDevice. Unfortunately, the number of compatible devices is again very small. And even if you own an Apple TV, you cannot fully enjoy its features, especially sharing videos made by your iPhone. The data stream required is simply too small to fully support AirPlay (at this time).
iPad: the new business gadget?

Although the iPad is originally intended for personal use, Apple can no longer ignore the potential and opportunities on the business market. iOS 4.2 thus marks the arrival of new features aimed for business purposes, including support for Exchange servers.
Other features

* New wallpapers
* The ability to customize the search options
* A slightly modified keyboard
* New fonts
* A new volume icon
* Support for the new MobileMe calendars Beta.

Finally, a bonus for owners of iPad, iPhone 4G or iPod Touch 4, searching and deleting data remotely is now free if performed from MobileMe.

iOS 4.2 brings a number of useful features for iPad users, multitasking, the ability to create folders and the unified inbox are probably the most interesting additions. AirPlay and AirPrint are certainly promising, but the number of compatible devices is still too small to make them an advantage. Other features are subtle but nevertheless useful for improving user-friendliness and functionality. To install 4.2 on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, simply connect your unit to iTunes and click Search for Updates.

Jose is a writer and is interested in topics related to technology. He is a part-time author at TechWench.com.

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Data Recovery MAC from Mac Hard Drive Partitions

Data Recovery MAC from Mac Hard Drive Partitions

MAC Disk Utility is a data recovery tool created on the hard disk-related activities to perform, and it comes with Mac OS X. The functions used to mount the hard disk, checking the integrity of your Mac computer hard disk, floppy disk formatting and partitioning, or disable journaling and the development of floppy disks. Mac Disk Utility is undoubtedly a useful tool, but in some versions of Mac OS X, it can not function properly.

Only in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Disk Utility shows unexpected behavior when attempting to alter or remove formatting a hard disk volume. This problem might lead to Mac data recovery solutions. If you wish to correct or delete a format Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard volume testing, you have the following error message: “File system formatter failed” This problem typically occurs when you try to check a specific Mac OS X changing device. The problem may be because:

This problem could be incompatible with Mac OS X Leopard Disk Utility with splitting scheme was used by Leopard. If partition table is damaged, Disk Utility will not change or format the Mac OS X volume.

The whole behavior of Mac OS X makes your hard disk volumes and critical data are available, and leads to severe data loss situations. This situation requires you to make Mac Recovery.


Around this problem, Mac OS X re-partitioned hard disk with Disk Utility. For partitioning a hard disk with Disk Utility, that the given steps: open

Disk Utility, select the drive you want to partition and the partition tab. From the drop-down list, choose the number of partitions. The Options button, select partition type. Desired size of the partition and click Partition.

Although this set of techniques are able to find the best solution of this problem, but repartitioning erases all hard disk volumes and data stored on them. In such cases, you perform data recovery mac for all your important data back. Data Recovery is possible with the help of third party mac data recovery software. The stellar phoenix software is able to systematically scan the entire Mac OS X hard disk and displays all data. This software is easy to use and carry safe recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery is the most advanced tools lost, gone or inaccessible Mac OS X partitions and mac ipod recovery . This software easily recovers data from all HFS, HFS +, HFSX, FAT and HFS Wrapper file system volumes. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5, 10.4 and 10.3.9.


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Windows Gallery

Windows Gallery

After talking about Vista so much just recently I got thinking about new gadgets that I could download and integrate into the Windows sidebar when I came across the Windows Live Gallery website ( http://gallery.live.com). This particular website which has been set up by Microsoft contains literally hundreds of small pieces of software that can be used alongside a Vista installation, along with software compatible with previous versions of Windows through the Windows Live service.

The Windows Sidebar is one of the new developments built into Windows Vista – it sits on the right hand side of your screen and contains ‘gadgets’ which can be best described as mini applications. Out of the box Vista contains eleven gadgets, Calendar, Clock, Contacts, CPU Meter, Currency conversion, RSS Feed Headlines, Notes, Picture Puzzle, Slide Show, Stocks, and Weather. Fortunately the community is free to develop further gadgets and this is the main interest of Windows Live Gallery as there are literally hundreds of them.

Below I’ve picked a couple of gadgets that took my fancy and this should give you a rough idea of what is available already for your Vista installation:

eBay Sidebar Tool – This gadget allows you to keep an eye on your eBay auctions so you can view at a glance items you’re bidding on, selling or just watching.

BBC News Feeder – With this gadget installed you will get news updates posted directly to your sidebar. The gadget will check for new stories every five minutes.

Calculator – Does exactly what it says on the tin; this gadget will add a calculator function to the sidebar so it’s always close to hand. Also check out the ’10 in 1 conversion calculator’ gadget which allows you to convert between different units of measurement.

Media Player – Can be used to play media from the Windows Media Player Database, or directly from an individual file. It can also be used to play TV and Radio Internet stations directly from the Windows sidebar.

Messenger Gadget – This is the gadget to install if you often use MSN Messenger as it allows you to see your contacts status, start chat sessions and change your online status all directly from the sidebar.

Finding a gadget you require is made easier as they are all sorted into different categories and you can also choose to search by rating, downloads and the date added. Of course there is a lot of rubbish out there but considering how young the Operating System is, there are already a lot of good gadgets available for your Vista installation.

An application that isn’t Vista exclusive is the Windows Live Messenger application and this is also supported by the Windows Live Gallery website. Online you’ll find dozens of games, add-ons and also bots, which can be easily integrated into this instant messaging application. Most of the downloads are all pretty standard stuff but one interesting resource is a list of online ‘bots’; these are automated contacts which can allows the user to get information, complete tasks or be entertained. They talk in a natural language format so you can just talk to them as you would a usual online human contact and some of them can be genuinely useful.

Working our way through the website, there are a number of Windows Search items which allow includes tools for searching specific file types – for example you can download a small add-in which allows you to index all the information within a zip archive.

Finally we have toolbar items which can be integrated in to Windows to offer functionality such as Wikipedia, eBay and Amazon searches directly from your Windows toolbar. If you want a laugh check out the ‘urban dictionary’ toolbar which allows you to convert urban phrases such as ‘disco nap’ and ‘epiphanot’ into proper English.

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Make money from twitter

Make money from twitter

Make money from twitter

The Internet, also confidential as the “Cyber Media” or the “New Media” is apart of the very powerful tools discovered by data – and is a blessing to mankind. It has the ability to compete screen the other forms of media in terms of speed, orifice and simplicity.visit here now For JOINING

Internet possesses the unique characteristic of bringing the world lowdown at our fingertips just disguise the succour of a click. It provides us an ocean of information owing to the weird research engines like the Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia etc. persevere but not the least the Internet generates colossal revenue through multifarious advertising endorsements.The social networking sites sway Internet (Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, Youtube etc) play a significant role in marketing various cargo and services. These social networking sites are an symmetrical pathway of connecting millions of people throughout the globe. People are able to forbearance again interact with one another which generate greater awareness. ergo several advertising endorsements learned in these sites will trail the attention of consumers than the ads posted in other websites. A number of people come across ads posted in Orkut like matrimonial websites advertisements, car ads, etc.

Advertisements can be animated graphics, motion pictures or still images – their main aim is to grab customer attention, subsequently discharge them to buy your product or service therefrom that you embark on money.Like the other convivial networking sites, “Twitter” is numerous place with the help of which brand recognition albatross sell for built. Unlike other companionable media marketing (SMM), twitter is enormously simpler, easier, and faster. Moreover, twitter offers several advantages too.Firstly, sending e-mails to family individually is time consuming. Instead of wasting occasion further energy doing that, one can just post the works van alerts here. Customers are updated on the latest alerts due to soon as they login to twitter – congruous at a glance.Secondly sales can substitute increased by offering discounts on twitter. Customers fault be motivated to join twitter by offering special discounts unique to twitter. legitimate goes a long way in capturing the transform of people.

Thirdly, a badge of fraternity is created through the use of twitter. The customers should be made to feel special through the access to unabbreviated kinds of hash applicable to the company – so that they feel that they are for instance of the parallel national and a sense of unification is promoted.Fourthly, cynosure customer of a direct attempt trust be located and approached by knowing about themselves in that their profiles on twitter.Lastly, twitter is an especial tool for doing market research for any business. With the aid of “search function”, we can conceive the feedback and opinions of customers.Thus we excogitate that Internet (especially the social networking sites like twitter) is emerging as considered advertising medium consequence the twenty-first century. Online advertisements trust helped people to cause their choice and finding of goods of miscellaneous uses. It is boosting consumerism among people besides raising aspirations of the kinsfolk and their standard of living. Internet has proven its persuasive adeptness in influencing human behavior time and again thanks to divers advertising endorsements.Internet marketing is not an easy task. You commit rest assured to strike a balance between providing things to your subscriber list and making a profit. If you consign drastically intensely extraneous for free, you will find undoubted harder to make a sale. If you promote to your index too often, people bequeath make to see you because desperate to make a sale. Find that all-important account and watch your profits soar.Join Here Now!!

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Finding Stuff With The New Apple Ios Update

Finding Stuff With The New Apple Ios Update
There are several new features in the Apple iOS 4.2 update that make it much easier to find things. Getting your hands on exactly what you want when you want it is something that Apple has spent a lot of time working on, and the results have born fruit in this latest release. Apple users can now connect with their other Apple mobile devices and find their location if they go missing, easily find new gaming opponents, search through text in web pages, search through email messages from multiple accounts with a unified inbox, and more.

By using the “MobileMe” feature, you can set up your Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch mobile devices to connect to each other and locate each other wherever you may have left them. Using this feature, Apple users now have the ability to locate their missing devices, and if they’ve been stolen, can even send a code to lock their device with a passcode remotely, and even to initiate a memory wipe so that any sensitive data is automatically deleted.

With the iOS update’s new “Game Center” feature, Apple gamers will be ecstatic to know that they can now very easily find their friends online for some competitive play, or they can use an auto matching feature that will select appropriate opponents for multiplayer games. The Game Center feature makes it easy to track your achievements and compare your high scores with friends.

New upgrades to the Safari web browser for your Apple devices will now allow you to do quick searches on text in webpage. This feature will find specific words and phrases, and highlight them to bring them to your attention. It works on any web page, even particularly long ones that would take a very long time to search manually.

And the email system has been greatly improved with a unified inbox that will allow Apple mobile device users to organize their messages into threads, which will make it much easier to find messages in emails than ever before. New email features will also allow users to open up attachments using third party applications.

Apple mobile device users will now also be able to find out who’s texting them by using text tones. Different tones can play for different people allowing users to get this information without ever even looking at their screens. Finding entertainment to watch through your device has also never been easier with iTunes TV show rentals in HD for just 99 cents an episode. And with over 30 new international keyboards and dictionaries available, international travellers can much more easily search for and use the information that they need in order to get by. And if that weren’t enough, users can now even organize their application icons into folders that will allow them to organize their device and locate any app that they need to use quickly and efficiently.

Apple has come out with many new and exciting features with its iOS 4.2 update, including some particularly useful ones for organizing and finding data. Apple users are sure to be pleased with all the new capabilities added to their favorite devices.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Apple iOS 4.2. Here is more information where you can buy new and used iPhones at Amazing prices or take a look at one of our Most Popular iPads here.

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Blackberry beats iOS in Mobile web usage

Blackberry beats iOS in Mobile web usage

In a recent study by Web Analytics, results have shown that the Blackberry OS has surpassed the market share of the previous market leader, iPhone iOS. Apple iOS device have recorded a market share of 33% for web traffic while Blackberry OS has reached 34.3%. Newer players too are not far behind in the race. Android started off with an 8.2% market share and has almost tripled in 1 year to reach 23.8%. iPhone’s iOS on the other hand has fallen from a massive 51.9% market share to 33%. The interesting thing to note is the reason behind this dynamic shift of the market share capture between the various operating systems.

One of the primary reasons could be that the latest updated Blackberry OS, OS 6, provides users with a very high level of performance and enhances user experience. The new Blackberry browser is definitely giving users ease of use while browsing the web on their phones. With the rise in the sales of Blackberry phones especially this holiday season, there is a significant rise in the cell phone accessories for the Blackberry such as Blackberry phone covers. There are several other Blackberry accessories to not only protect the phone but also enhance its performance. The range of cell phone accessories for the Blackberry is extensive and there are separate BlackBerry accessories for each and every phone under the Blackberry line.

The accessories are specifically designed to fit the phone perfectly and provide optimum protection without hindering performance. BlackBerry phone covers fit perfectly around the phone to give it a protection against damage and also provide a unique look. While choosing a Blackberry phone cover make sure it suits both your profession as well as your personality. With the vast range of Blackberry accessories you can easily find the ones that suit your phone the best. Make sure you add cell phone accessories to your holiday shopping list and help your phone last longer in perfect condition.

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pipe extrusion line

pipe extrusion line

pipe extrusion line According to one aspect of the present invention, a roll assembly for guiding a pipe in a pipe extrusion line for producing pipes of different diameter, includes a bracket, a roll supported by the bracket, and an adjustment device for automatically positioning the roll in vertical direction in dependence on a weight load upon the roll. The present invention resolves prior art problems by so constructing a roll as to adjust its vertical position in dependence on the weight load acting on the roll. Hereby, the invention is based on the recognition that pipes of greater diameter normally have a greater weight per meter. Thus, when the roll is loaded by a pipe of greater weight, and thus normally also of greater diameter, the roll moves further downwards than would be the case, when the weight load on the roll is smaller as a result of a smaller pipe and thus of smaller weight. The roll is rotatably mounted on an axle which is supported indirectly or directly by an elastic element that forms the adjustment device. A plurality of materials and devices known per se may be used as elastic element, such as, e.g., rubber-like elements. Currently preferred is the use of a spring, in particular a spiral spring, as elastic element, for movably supporting the axle so as to allow the roll to move downwards as a load on the roll increases. Suitably, the spiral spring has a spring hardness which is suited to a weight per meter range of the pipe which range correlates with the dimension range. The rolls may also be constructed in such a way as to laterally support also the smallest pipes to be produced. Such pipes are preferably arranged in the area of the vacuum tank. The subsequent spray baths may use roll geometries which are configured in the form of a double-V-block so that the pipe is guided also in this case always on both rear sides. According to another aspect of the present invention, a pipe extrusion line for producing pipes with different diameter includes an extruder for plasticizing a starting material to produce a melt strand, an adjustable calibration device sizing the melt strand to shape for forming a molten tube, a cooling device for cooling the tube, and a roll assembly for guiding the tube during advance through the calibration device and the cooling device, wherein the roll assembly includes a plurality of rolls arranged behind one another in a travel direction and constructed to have at least two different roll geometries, and an adjustment device for automatically positioning the rolls in vertical direction in dependence on a diameter of a pipe being produced. By providing rolls of varying roll geometries, different support functions can be realized and varying support lines can be provided, for example a support of the pipe in the bottom area and various side areas. For example, one of the rolls may have a first roll geometry to conform to a maximum radius of a pipe being produced, and another one of the rolls may have a second geometry for lateral support of a smallest pipe to be produced. Pipe extrusion lines are generally known. The production of plastic pipes involves initial melting of a plastic starting material in an extruder and discharge via a pipe die. The exiting thermoplastic molten tube from the pipe die is cooled under shape constraint and calibrated. Calibration is of great importance as far as pipe dimensions and tensions in the pipe wall are concerned. Plastic pipes are calibrated predominantly on the outside, whereby a vacuum calibration device is typically employed. The still soft molten tube is drawn shortly after discharge from the die through a calibrator which is mounted in the vacuum tank. This calibrator can be configured as sleeve-type calibrator or disk-type calibrator depending on the thermoplastic material. In and following the calibration path, the extruded pipes must be cooled down to such a degree as to be sufficiently stable in shape for subsequent loads (for example take-off device, winder). Cooling of the pipes may hereby be carried out in tanks with water baths or spray nozzles. According to one aspect of the present invention, a roll assembly for guiding a pipe in a pipe extrusion line manufacturer for producing pipes of different diameter, includes a bracket, a roll supported by the bracket, and an adjustment device for automatically positioning the roll in vertical direction in dependence on a weight load upon the roll.

pipe extrusion line

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