Iphone 4 Case

Iphone 4 Case
If you have bought iPhone4, you should well protect it; the case and protector can not miss out. So, dealextreme has already launched the cheap while practical iPhone 4 cases for you.
Now, I would like to recommend stylish protective bumper frame case for iPhone 4 in black to you. The reasons why I recommend for you are as follows.
To begin with, this stylish protective bumper frame case is specially designed for iPhone 4, and this case perfectly fits the shape, so all the interface, ports and buttons are available for direct use. Due to its nice build, it feels like the real iPhone 4 bumper. Furthermore, it is very convenient to access and remove, anyone can do the installing and removing jobs.
Secondly, this case is made of high quality ABS plastic material. So, it is soft yet strong enough to withstand the wear and tear. Although it is smooth outside, yet it also has the anti-skidding ability, that is to say, even if your hands are sweating, you will not knock your iPhone 4 off. Thanks to its high quality materials, it can protect the frame of your iPhone from abrasion and it help eliminate the iPhone 4’s possible antenna issue. As it is known to all that iPhone 4 is touch screen, it would be easily broken down without the help of case and protector. And this case, unlike some other cases, doesn’t lift screen protectors, so it can be safe to use, and you can stick the screen protectors on the front and back of your iPhone to double protect your dear iPhone.
Thirdly, this stylish protective bumper frame case for iPhone 4 is only sold 2.97 dollars at dealextreme, which is at least two times cheaper compared with the ones sold at the outside stores. So it is a highly recommended purchase. Besides that, dealextreme also promises this case is worldwide free shipping. All you have to do is to order it at this website, and wait for about four to seven days, and this case will come in decent looking package.
Whats more, this case is in stylish black. Since black is the most classic color, it wont out of date, and it can easily matches with any clothes with different colors and styles. And black is also the color that withstands dirt. Once you find out there is something dirty on the case, you can just use the clean cloth to wipe it clean, the cleaning just can be that simple.

Here are some tips shared by http://www.dealextreme.com/, one of the worldwide B2C top sellers in selling the coolest gadgets with light-speed service and wholesale prices to all geeks/non-geeks around the planet.


PDF- iOS Devices

PDF- iOS Devices

By any chance you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch then you might have the knowledge about the novel iBook application. As an e-reader, it is one fantastic utility however you might not know that it could act as PDF as well as text doc viewer for files saved on your Mac. There are some easy and quick methods to make use of the application and its features would be of added assistance. At first, you’d need to look for the book or file on your computer system which you want to open on your device. Open this in the best or favorite mac application. Then you could click on the top drop down menu File-Print menu option. Print dialogue box would appear and in the left hand corner at the bottom will be a button labeled as PDF. After clicking on the button, scroll down again to the bottom menu and click on the Select edit menu. Another box as an option would appear. Within the menu box click on the plus button, after the dialogue button pops up then select iTunes from the applications menu. Subsequently the pdf button would give an option named as ‘iTunes’. After you have pressed the button iTunes, any given file that has been opened would be converted into this format and then would be loaded into iTunes. The format would appear in the Books section. After you sync your iOS device this new format would appear within the iBooks application which would be ready for you to be read.

The procedure offers you with extremely easy methods of getting documents, web content and such formatted files into any iOS device that you may own. Probably all this information would serve a lot of help to all those who own such devices. The format has been well taken ever since it was launched and the count of users using it is increasing by the day. Also many make use of pdf to word converter converting from word to this format because it offers a lot of security to the information contained in such files.

Jenny Hamper enjoys writing about Word to PDF Conversion. She works in software development since 2000s and knows very well about the importance of PDF to Word and pdf converter conversion tools in business industry.


IOS 7 is here with some wow features

IOS 7 is here with some wow features

Apple rolls out its latest mobile OS for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The highlighted new features like AirDrop for iOS, Notification Centre, Control centre, Activation Lock and Multi tasking.

AirDrop: This new feature in Apple allows the iOS users to share files and photos by clicking the phones together without the help of email or text messages. It is completely a new way of transferring files with nearby people in an easy and quick manner. AirDrop shows you the nearest contacts, just select the contact who you want to share with and it will do the rest. AirDrop does not require any network or set up to transfer the contents, because it has a peer-to-peer feature for transferring the files. You content will be protected and private, because the contents are fully encrypted while transferring.

Notification Centre: It can be accessed from any screen including from lock screen without unlocking the phone first. It allows you to know about missed calls, new emails, new messages, to-dos and more. The new feature “Today” offers you a summary of today’s event such as weather updates, reminders and calendar events.

Control Centre: It allows the users a full access of the controls and apps. You can access the system setting by simply swiping from any screen including lock screen. It lets you to do turn on or off Wi-Fi, switch to airplane mode, activation of Bluetooth or you can adjust the brightness of the display screen. From control center you can connect to Airplay and AirDrop, also you can access the flashlight, calculator, camera and timer.

Activation Lock: It is the greatest feature in iOS 7. It will reduce the phone theft and it will make life difficult for thieves to resell the stolen iPhone. Remote-wipe option is already available in iPhones, Android and Windows Phone to wipe clean the data stored in device. Many Smart phones have GPS activation to track the device location. It helps the owner to find out the stolen device. Nevertheless, Apple’s Activation lock is unique, because it knots with the device owner’s iCloud account.  The iCloud account has password to activate the functions. This kill-switch technology will drastically reduce the mobile theft.

Multitasking: It is a smart way to access multiple apps and to make use of the power of present day processors. It has an option to feed your favorite app and you can set to show it on a particular time every day. This setting will make your app ready and waiting for you. You can see the preview screen of the entire running apps by simply touching the home screen twice and swipe the screen to move from one another. Just swipe it up to quit the app from the preview screen. iOS intelligently scheduled the updates when the device is connected to Wi-Fi, it will reduce the battery drain unnecessarily.

Camera: This feature is available in the home screen. You can access it without unlock the screen. It has the shooting formats like still, panorama, video, square front and centre. By swiping, you can capture what you want quickly and easily.

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Besides the Line

by zeze57

Besides the Line

‘Philip Kotler – Move over – A new marketing jargon is born’. Recalling our days at the Management School, we were taught and learned all about Marketing and Advertising and have seen our compatriots in Corporate India over the years sing the same old song. The four P’s, the four C’s and the rest of the marketing jargon.

Advertising agencies earlier dealt with the Marketing side of their clients business and focused their attention to handling above the line spends while leaving below the line to the Sales team to handle.

Over years, soon the priority of below the line and one on one marketing began to take up importance and advertising agencies as well as DM agencies started to take an interest and build business models around both above as well as below the line. But what no one saw and a new terminology for our marketing fraternity is: What about ‘Beside’ the line? Yes, you heard me right; I am talking about ‘Beside’ the line. That wasn’t termed when we read our Kotlers but it’s shaking the Marketing tree today.

Marketing today is also about ‘Beside’ the line and more and more organizations are budgeting and spending big bucks ‘Beside’ the line.

A strong example of ‘Beside’ the line spend is the entire gamut of initiatives that Corporates take up and call CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility. This intervention is clearly neither above nor below the line and a fit student of ‘Beside’ the line activity. Funds are usually controlled outside the regular Marketing budgets and in case of large corporations, can add up to Millions of Dollars each year.

TNS recently conducted a Global Corporate Social Responsibility study among automotive and related sectors covering 16 countries and 5 industry sectors which showed us how companies the world over are serious about their Corporate Social Responsibility and that this ‘Beside’ the line activity is becoming a strong tool for the corporate world.

In today’s competing world, where space is crowded and consumers are being hounded by both above the line and below the line media, this strategy is being used more and more by corporations across the globe. ‘Beside’ the line marketing enters the consumers mind through uncluttered space and leaves a far greater and lasting impression. Psychologists have shown the value of being seen as doing Good for Society has a positive rub off on the observers mind about that corporation. Marketing spends in blogging and in letting customers define brand promise all fall under the gamut of beside the line spends. It has to do with tomorrows consumer who will shape the marketplace rather than the manufacturer.

More and more consumers are asking corporations what they are returning back to society and when addressed professionally and in a systematic basis, this activity falls under the ambit of ‘Beside’ the line.

Last month was talking with Nick, a senior manager at a Diamond export firm based at South Africa which had adopted 2 villages nearby and has taken responsibility for providing two things: free medical facilities and free education for children. They had been running these initiatives for the last year. When I asked him about its outcome, he said that it made them proud as much of their labor force came from these two villages and also their US buyer increased their business three fold when they heard about the kind of return to Society this company was involved in.

CSR Europe has over 60 leading Multinational corporations as its members and works towards integrating CSR into the way they run their day-to-day business.

Dipak Jain, Dean, Kellogg School of Management in a recent forum opined as to how today’s Management Education has to make it a necessity to train Socially Responsible Global leaders of our future corporations.

‘Beside’ the line marketing is here to stay. Marketing experts need to sit down and review what other activities categorize ‘Beside’ the line and soon we will see the rise in consulting companies offering services to maximize the ‘Beside’ the line effectiveness. The Corporate Boardroom will also be witness to ‘Beside’ the line budgeting on a more professional and regular basis.

The fact that these activities exist is not new and there is a lot of knowledge available on this account, the author’s intention here is to give it a handle and ask for its natural place in our Marketing Books along with the jargon of ‘Above’ and ‘Below’ the line.

About the Author – Gautam Nath worked in Corporate India as Executive Vice President with TNS and is a MBA from the renowned Faculty of Management Studies, FMS. Having over 25 years of Corporate experience across a gamut of disciplines covering Market Research, Marketing and International Trade. Mr. Nath regularly contributes his ideas and learning’s to the media for sharing among his peers and successors. He has recently relocated to Toronto, Canada. Contact him at gautamnathnath@gmail.com.


Facebook?s Victims

Facebook?s Victims

Facebook is actually a strong uniting force today. Preschool friends are available that has a couple clicks, surprise parties can be simply planned, and everyone you understand might be informed of engagement inside of seconds. Now, with phones that will access Internet, anytime of day, whether in the center of class or lunch, an individual might proceed Facebook. Facebook allows complete strangers to befriend you, review your pictures, speak to you, read all about you, and in some cases read your conversations with other people on the main wall.

Although some people might adults still hesitate from immersing themselves into this new world due to it being dangerous few pay them back manual intervention. After all, if you’re planning on vacationing in touch with friends you have to text, skype, email, twitter, or at least possess a Facebook account. Besides, it cannot be that dangerous, right?

Is determined by anything you do with the technology you utilize. Since beginning of time there was really people taking advantage of others. Now, with inexperienced people using technology, troublemakers is usually alerted to your opportune moment to strike. Take Facebook for instance. While a great way to get reconnect with old friends and turn into of a, posting an excessive amount house elevators your money may be dangerous. Don’t put your address, work location, or number on Facebook ever. The trouble with Facebook is certainly not you erase from your account is ever truly deleted. Some companies, government departments, or people seeking to make use of other medication is pulling up deleted material from Facebook accounts. If you have already home elevators your, still delete it; just don’t forget when someone tries hard enough they usually are competent to consider it.

Facebook can also be dangerous on the subject of friends. Never add someone you do not know. You’ve heard it hundreds of times but it’s true. Should the person looks familiar and you are uncertain as long as they were on your own 3rd grade team you aren’t, send them an individual message asking them how you know them. Or the best part is, don’t add them or discuss with them by any means. If it really is your friend you ought to not less than manage to recognize their name or picture. However, in the event you are really looking to reconnect with someone identified another type of screen name, otherwise you can’t tell from the picture who it can be, exactly how the direction they know you. If nothing they are saying rings a bell really the only bell which should be going off is really a warning bell. Tend not to include that person. 1000s of people net to find gullible targets. Facebook provides the perfect setting. They can find out someone’s birthday, where their home is, who their friends are, and much more. They’re able to accomplish this at the same time not revealing an individual chunk of his or her identity.

Facebook is a fun tool to maintain friendships if used right. Just be sure you don’t put information that is personal on there, and ensure everyone you add you really know. Have clear ensure you along with your home are at ease is through a home security system. In case you would not have Facebook or keep the account spotless, you can find still the prospect that the complete stranger attempt and enter your house.

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Samsung Galaxy Price

samsung galaxy
by -Reji

Samsung Galaxy Price

Samsung mobiles are among the most demanded and cherished mobile phones being offered in the market. Taking a leap ahead other mobiles, there are a number of sensation mobiles that are launched in the market. Counted to be favorite for the mobile users, it is never easy to make a pick from the available list. These are like a dream cum true for those who expect a lot from their low budget mobiles.

Never a disappointment, the mobile models are launched in the stunning series of Samsung Galaxy. They work like a dream employing sophisticated and advanced technology. One among the list is quite popular the new Samsung Galaxy 3. The new mobile phone has been reviewed as a stunner that features an all new combination of looks, size, design, and features. Boasting a perfect look, this handsome mobile supports a number of network connections. Once purchased, you can make your mobile run on the reliable Vodafone, Talk Mobile, T – Mobile, Three, Virgin and Orange networks.

Samsung Galaxy 3 is recognized as a cool smartphone which is featured with 3.2 inches long TFT capacitive touchscreen display. This also ensures offer simplicity in viewing al the text message and pictures displayed on the screen. The Samsung Galaxy 3 reviews has been claimed as a high performing mobile phone that comes pre-loaded with a number of professional applications. The impressive display also offer tremendous supports to 240 x 400 pixels resolution along with favoring 16 Million colors.

Samsung Galaxy is equally loved by youngsters as well as business class users for its user-friendliness. As far as data storage is concerned, it is highly supportive of 170 MB of storage capacity, thanks to its internal memory that can be increased up to 32 GB. Further, to support the photography, this camera is featured with inbuilt 3.15 MP camera and have the key features like Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and Touch Wiz v3.0.

Highly easy to be used, this superbly functional mobile phone is perfect by all aspects. Online you will fetch all the details with respect to its applications, looks and all-round photographing. You can have the choice among buying Samsung galaxy ace s5830, Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 price and Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 price. Always get the details and compare the offering with other options to ensure that the deal you invest in is best of all. Grab the best that you can.


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Samsung Galaxy Prevail

Samsung Galaxy Prevail

Samsung Galaxy Prevail is the stunning and highly functional mobile phone that stands with its head high in the market. The Samsung Galaxy Prevail is recognised as a smartphone that runs efficiently on the Android Operating System. It has high end functioning that makes its wonderful pick among the lot available in this highly competitive market.

The Samsung Galaxy Prevail sports elegant and compact design and comes featured with a very noteworthy camera. Its absolute worth lies in its price that is set quite affordable to suit the reasonable pockets of the buyers in the market. This exceptional mobile phone boasts enough features that impress the crowd and intuits it to find the better deals on this smart handset.

Taking a sneak peak into its functioning, it is a real adore that has gained great chunk of market for its functioning, it feature a similar version of the Samsung Mesmerize but has got clearer that has made it to turn out to be quite different from the aforementioned phone. The new Samsung Galaxy Prevail is looked up to as a competitive handset that has quite some features to that of high end phones.

This mobile phone ships with a 3.5 inches capacitive TFT display, which can support a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, paired with 16M colours. Additionally, the current resolution and colour combination enables this phone to deliver the expected levels of output. Hand down to its decent and bright display which offers great responsiveness. The Samsung Galaxy Prevail also carries along the valuable feature of stock Android interface that is considered to be quite uncommon for a Samsung based Android phone. With this feature, you can customize seven home screens for your ease. Isn’t that truly amazing?

Samsung Galaxy Prevail is a sure shot pick from the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Mobiles. It is a great mid ranged phone which is also noted as the first CDMA Android Device with Boost and runs on the Android 2.3, Gingerbread Platform. Featuring advanced GPS, this mobile phone keeps you engaged in its application which involves taking a round and using Google’s map and navigation applications. This mobile also gives you access to constantly growing list of all the available Android applications that are over 250,000 in count. Samsung mobile price in India is set quite affordable so as to cater to the needs of all levels and budget buyers. 

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The Line Loss

The Line Loss


What is Line Loss? Why we need to look out for line loss? Why do we need to know about Line Loss? What is the big deal of having a line loss?
But before anything else we need to know first WHAT is Line Loss? Here is a brief meaning of Line Loss.
Line Loss is an energy waste, usually describes losses within transmision system of electrical energy but it also reafers to the same losses in occur in distribution system. And these are the result of electricity conversion to heat and electromagnetic energy. It is occurs even if it is an engineered operated system.
One example of alteration of electricity is the A/C inductive Motors.
Most motors like heat pump, grain mills, pool pump, irrigation/ water pump, large fans etc. they exist in residential home or even in the commercial properties so this matter whether you specialize in one area or the other.
My point is, between the distance of the motors and the meter on the property if it is too far then the harder the electricity has to work to get to it.
And so you have to install a unit on the motor directly, to correct the the loss or the waste or the inefficiency. when you do this you are now saving your customers energy and money at the same time. Just remember that the more the waste energy that exist on your customers property, then the more the need for you to save your customers on a high power bills just by correcting the power loss/wastes.
It is our responsibilities as company owners to make sure that our customers can get what they deserve. I hope this helps you a little, to help your cutomers with all the possibilities. We can help them just by understanding who your product helps, & how & why it helps them.

Our Company was founded because we wanted to help EVERY family & business worldwide save money on their power bills & help reduce wasted energy and thus improve the lives of others around us. Offering our Electric Saver 1200 at an affordable price is the best solution to make a global impact helping all people world over. http://www.electricsaver1200.com/newsletter/line-loss.html

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Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note is the recent most addition made in the list that has come over as a dream come true for many mobile lovers. This mobile phone is set quite hot on heals and comes featured with the 3G version at the FCC. The new 4G version of Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T has now reached the perfection of FCC. This exclusive mobile model carries the designation of SGH-i717 and packs UMTS/HSPA+ (21Mbps), GSM/EDGE.

The Galaxy Note is simply perfect to make calls and can be held easily in one hand to perform all the required operations with absolute ease and perfection. It also doubles as a tablet with exceptional and impressive pen-input capabilities which is thus co-developed by Wacom. The Samsung Galaxy Note has got to sport 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display with the perfect and balanced resolution of 1280 x 800. the functioning is matchless due to the powering of 3G version of this smart and sleek Gingerbread handset. It runs on a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor, whereas these could be bumped to 1.5 GHz for the LTE version.

Samsung Galaxy Note is the recent hot addition to the list of mobiles and has set the market on fire with its exceptional functioning. It is recognized as a white version of the Samsung Galaxy Note that will be available in the UK. Initially, the white design of this Samsung Note has been the customer’s choice; this brand is delighted to bring the Galaxy Note as an innovative addition to the existing range of mobile phones.

This mobile phone has been designed conventional “blue” edition that looks similar to black. It also renders amazing set of performance and has been reviewed as a class apart model offered in the list of Samsung mobiles. Some of its stand out attributes includes the major connectivity features like Bluetooth, GPRS, USB and others. You will love to buy this handset for its touch sensitive S Pen stylus that will make its functioning quite easier for the users.

To please the photography lovers, it comes equipped with 8-megapixel rear camera having 2-megapixel front), and a 9.65 mm thin waistline. The make of products has grabbed huge accolades and appreciation from the customers. Samsung Galaxy Note price is set nominally that makes it look quite an appealing deal to buy Samsung Galaxy mobiles. You can make out the best deal online by broadening your search horizons.

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Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy

Looking for easily accessible 3G smartphone? The best answer to this question is the Samsung Fit Galaxy. This is a new phone from Samsung launched in India in February 2011. Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit is powered by a 600 MHz processor and Android Froyo (V2.2) operating system. The phone has received 3.31 inch capacitive touch display, 240 x 320 pixels, smile detection, geo-coding, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and video recording at QVGA at 15 fps.

The phone has 160 MB of internal memory, an external microSD card slot up to 32GB with 2 GB, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, EDGE, microUSB v2.0, 3G HSDPA data transfer: 7.2 Mbps and GPS with A-GPS. Galaxy was a talk time of up to 627 minutes in the case of 2G, 3G and 387 minutes of waiting for distances up to 642 hours on 2G, 421 hours for 3G. Other features of the account document viewer, network integration of social services, an editor, the text input method Swype, social center, the integration of Picasa, TouchWiz UI v3.0, predictive text input and Voice memo / dial. Samsung Galaxy adjusted price is very reasonable.

This is a bar phone, which weighs about 108g. The dimensions are 61.2 mm x 12.6 x 110.2MM mm. The phone functions with the frequencies of GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / HSDPA 900/2100 MHz model has received a 5.0 mega pixels camera with auto focus and digital zoom too. Some of its best features is the processor 600MHz with 3D accelerator, you will be able to download content and applications from the Android Marketplace, an RSS Reader Touchwhiz user interface, and users of the Webkit browser.

Samsung Galaxy is difficult to exploit the operating system, connectivity for a large institution, the Office application, and the media. HSDPA 7.2 Mbps is available on this phone, surfing the Internet. Speed ​​HSDPA, the phone has really opened up on YouTube and other websites. Not only that, you can also enjoy a Wi-Fi hotspot facility which is used mainly for Android phones to transfer files such as music, photos, videos between the two systems is much easier. You can also find an application associated with the office, such as a calculator, and do, Quickoffice. Available with a GPRS feature brings Google map. Samsung Galaxy tree can not play videos in MP4 / H.264 / H.263, the screen horizontally. The display supports touch screen technology, and you can use the menu. We can also pinch to zoom on the page on the screen.


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